Wolfley’s View From The Sideline

Craig Wolfley, Steelers sideline reporter, gives us his weekly “View From The Sideline“.  This edition provides a thoughtful and heartfelt write-up on “The Bearded One”:

I just watched the bearded one, Brett Keisel, walk off the field clutching his arm while doubled up in pain. Brett is one of my all-time favorite players to come from this generation and I can see by the way he ripped his doo-rag off and flung it to the ground, he ain’t coming back.

From my vantage point I could see he was clutching his triceps area on the back of his arm and I was suspicious that it may have been the same injury that felled his running mate a few years ago, Aaron Smith. Catching cars rolling downhill (locking out on run blocks) takes its toll no matter how super of a superman you are.

And Brett has spent many a Sunday emerging from phone booths all across the country in different stadiums as Superman for his teammates. After the disappointment of the loss to New Orleans, I somberly headed back to the homestead and immediately broke out my Brett Keisel “Fear Da Beard” T-shirt in honor of Brett. I sat there and reflected on a guy whom I’ve had the privilege of watching from when he was drafted, through his formative years early on.

I even remember watching him sprinting down under kickoffs and blowing people up. Brett is another John Mitchell protégé and he will be remembered alongside the best of the best to wear Black and Gold. I don’t know what the future may hold for Brett, but for sure I know Brett will always be remembered as a Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl Champ, and a first class man.