Keisel on the Hines Ward Show:

Brett talks about Da Beard, 65 Roses Sports Auction and the loss to Oakland.

Watch here.

From September 7, 2012:

Keisel talks with Mike Prisuta, WDVE about the upcoming game in Denver and how he’s excited to have lots of friends and family there.

Listen here.

From September 5, 2012:

Tall Cathy from 96.1 started her “Five Questions” Segment, which will appear weekly.

From Tall Cathy: When I first walked into the locker room, Brett Keisel immediately approached me to say hello and was kind enough to agree to be the first victim of my 5 question segment!

Brett will tell you about his favorite cartoon growing up, his itunes playlist, first car, favorite food and what’s hiding inside of his beard! Thanks to Brett for being such a great sport & to Max Starks for the photo bomb.

Listen to the interview here.

From August 19, 2012:

Post Game press conference after win over the Colts.

From August 7, 2012:

Keisel’s interview with NFL AM.

From August 3, 2012;

Keisel sits down with the WDVE Morning Crew for a training camp interview.

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