It was awesome…

“It was fun to be with them. That is one of the things that makes us great, our fans and the support we get. When we go play in stadiums and have an opportunity to put our product in from of Steelers Nation, it is the greatest feeling. They back us no matter what. It’s hard to put into words the power that has.”- Brett, in an interview with Teresa Varley.

Fans were thrilled to snap selfies with #99 (or #43 and #66 for the day):




Sneaky, sneaky fans! #Busted

@brett_keisel99 caught me trying to sneak a selfie with him, so he posed for this picture and said “way to sneak in there! I like that!” And yes, I almost cried #steelersnation

Hangin’ with Big Snack:

Pompin’ with the beautiful Lisa Pompeani: