Family leads Brett Keisel back to Steelers

Scott Brown, recently had a chance to talk with Brett about his return to the Steelers.

From the article:

A starting job awaited him in Arizona when he boarded a flight to Phoenix early Tuesday morning.

What brought him back to Pittsburgh, where there are no guarantees as far as starting, was a pull even stronger than Brett Keisel’s desire to play his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“It was really my wife and kids,” Keisel said Thursday night before leaving the visiting locker room at Lincoln Financial Field. “They took me to the airport and my kids were looking at me with doe eyes and wondering what’s going on and where are you going and how long are you going to be gone.”

Keisel had joked with coach Mike Tomlin before the game that he might try to sneak onto the field so he could play in his first game since late last December. The 6-foot-6, 285-pounder probably had to really restrain himself as he watched the Eagles go up and down the field against the Steelers’ first-team defense.

“I wish I could have helped. I never like watching,” Keisel said. “I’ll back go and look at [film] with them and try to correct some of the mistakes that were made.”

Keisel did not take part in offseason practices, and the five months he had off gave him more time to spend with his wife, Sarah, daughter, Grace, and sons Jacob and William. In the end, “Da Beard” could not leave them even if the Cardinals may have offered a better opportunity than the Steelers.

“[The offseason] really did bring us closer and going to the airport it just really put things into perspective for me,” Keisel said. “I’m just grateful that [the Steelers] helped work something out to where I could finish where I started.”

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Da Beard makes flying fun…


Brett made Steeler Nation’s day on Tuesday when it was announced he was returning to the Steelers.

He also made the day of young Sam McCusker, who was flying to Pittsburgh alone.

Huge shout out to Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers! He made a little guy flying alone to Pittsburgh feel a whole lot better.

I love to see athletes doing nice things for the kids who adore them. An athlete’s actions toward the fans speaks volumes about the man and the organization he represents.

Brett’s actions spoke volumes of good on Tuesday night, when he not only made a nice gesture to a kid, but he did it with grace and enthusiasm!

Sam and his family are so grateful.–Rachel McCusker, Sam’s mother.

Thank you to Rachel and Sam for emailing Mr. Keisel.