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Denny Karchner was commissioned by Brett to paint a portrait of him in Steelers uniform and as a “Mountain Man”. You can see the amazing Steelers portrait (along with other Steelers commissions) on Denny’s site. The attention to detail is impressive to say the least.

Rebecca designs many of the Keisel Kam photos for the site. She created the Pro Bowl logo for #99 which everyone loved. She is available to create a masterpiece with pencils, acrylics, pastels, inks, waterpaints and oils. Be sure to visit her site to see all her amazing work!

Larry works with many sports stars designing footballs, helmets, jerseys and various other pieces of art. He was gracious enough to design a one-of-a-kind football to raffle at Brett’s 65 Roses Sports Auction. There are photos of it in the photo gallery. Contact Larry to have him create a masterpiece of your favorite player!

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