Da Beard a hit with fans and media

Thanks to Head & Shoulders for Men for having me as hair correspondent again. Always a lot of fun.–Da Beard.
Thanks to ESPN, Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports also!

Today’s news photo:

When Da Beard found out that Jim Altman, @jimaltmanFOXCT uses J&J Baby Shampoo.

Then, Da Beard after Altman says he will use Head & Shoulders for Men shampoo.

From Jim Altman:

Right time to step up to the big leagues. I start growin the Keisel Beard tomorrow. Gimme a year!

Brett and Da Beard concluded their time as hair correspondents for Super Bowl XLVIII Media Week yesterday. From the fans and media reactions, we have to say Da Beard was a HIT!

What a great interview he was!–Chris (@thirstyTortuga)

Da Beard is for sure awesome but it should def be described as EPIC!!! Jim Martin (@jimmrtn)

Da Beard (and Mr. Keisel) were amazing with us fans. Very down to earth and outgoing..one of the guys!John Miller

Brett Keisel’s beard is all sorts of awesome!!NFL on ESPN

Keisel is so great on TV. He is funny and easy going in interviews. Great to see and hear an athlete who isn’t full of himself. He interacted with fans without having bodyguards surrounding him. Very down to earth. Tommy Lozada.

Brett Keisel asks his fellow NFL players some “hairy” questions as the Head & Shoulders Hair Correspondent:

Watch HERE as Brett talks hair with the Super Bowl 48 players.

Peyton Manning feels hair WILL be a factor in the game….“Everybody keeps talking about the weather, but I think hair is really probably the key component. Not enough people are talking about it in my opinion.

The video from Head & Shoulders is very entertaining as he seems to shock one lady at Media Day with Da Beard, and Da Beard also attracts a cheerleader or two…be sure to watch!

What did Brett have to say about Manning, aside from hair talk…

He feels Manning is one of the all time greats and expects him to lead team to victory.


Brett and fellow Defensive End, Justin Tuck (NYG) met up with fans to sign autographs at Duane Reade in Times Square on Wednesday.

Tuck was quite impressed with Da Beard.

Fans were thrilled to meet up with Brett (and maybe to see Da Beard up close).

Brett Keisel has to be the chillest dude in the NFL.–Wyatt Stovall

Thank you once again to Head and Shoulders for the great photo of Brett and Justin!


95.7 The Game:

The Steelers DE, Brett Keisel gave his thoughts on what each team needs to do to clinch a Super Bowl win on Sunday, and how it felt to just miss out on the playoffs.

The crew who put Da Beard on Mount Beardmore last year were excited to see the glorious flowing beard was still around!

“That was an awesome honor and I will forever be remembered as being on Mount Beardmore.

The guys asked Keisel how tough it was to miss the playoffs:

It was tough. Your boys up there in San Diego..what the heck? All they had to do was just not score and let the Chiefs, with their substitute players, win the game..is it that hard?

Brett also talks about coach Mike Tomlin and how grateful he is to have him as a coach and friend.

Listen to the interview HERE.