“You want to be a consistent team”

“We’ll go look at this thing together, come together as a team and do what’s best to move forward. We have a lot of work to do. If we are all accountable, if we all can get up in the meeting room and look at each other and look at where we all need to get better, hopefully we can move forward.”– Keisel

From Teresa Varley, Steelers.com:

DE Brett Keisel knows the key to being a good team is being consistent.

Steelers’ players hadn’t watched the film of Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yet, but there was one thing they all knew, they weren’t happy with the outcome and they had to do something to change things moving forward.

“We were a highly penalized team and it’s very hard to win when you are,” said defensive end Brett Keisel. “We have to be more disciplined, better aware of what we are doing, pre-snap, post-snap, all of the time. Obviously those flags can hurt you.

“This is big business in this league and you always have a new tough opponent the next week,” said Keisel. “You want to be a consistent team. You want to be able to stack winning performances together. If you want to be a good team you have to win consecutive ball games. We felt good about how we performed in Carolina and we don’t feel good about how we performed yesterday. It’s something that needs to be addressed, and something hopefully we can quit talking about and actually do it.”

The team is looking to rebound this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are 0-4 after a 33-10 loss to San Diego this week. But, it’ not going to be easy; it never is in the NFL.

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