Undercover Santa


Keisel went undercover as Santa Claus to collect money for Salvation Army in front of Macy’s in downtown Pittsburgh a few days ago.

Keisel Clause-ism’s:

These are more like capris.–On the Santa pants.

I can’t believe I’m covering up Da Beard!

I just realized my pants are on backwards.

My man come give Santa a hug!

Startin to make some money for the Salvation Army now!

How ’bout them Pirates!

What you think about Keisel..I’m only askin’ because he’s got, you know, a beard.

Make a donation to the Salvation Army…Da Beard told you to!

And, from a passerby in the crowd:

You’re a big tall santa!

Brett had a great time going undercover to raise money for The Salvation Army, as he asked one passerby how he felt about the Steelers, their defense and about that guy with the beard…Keisel.

Watch the action HERE.