Steeler Nation takeover is complete

Steeler Nation welcomed Brett to his first Collector’s Showcase of America Summer Show at  the Dulles Expo Center today. Brett must have felt like he was at Heinz Field with all the Black ‘N Gold swarming the show! We even saw some reppin’ Brett’s Da Beard Gear!


“Such an awesome day. He is so good with all his fans. Thanks so much Brett!”Jimmy ( ‏@MediocreSausage)

Jimmy messaged Brett before the show to ask about doing the famous Brett “The Diesel” sack dance and Brett was all for it.


Kendall Bonsall’s question to Da Beard:

“Can we take a muscle photo?”


“Sure do this..”

Truly made my day, such a nice guy.Kendall

#eatyourspinach #muscles



Amazing work by Kevin Cousino (KJCcustoms)! Brett approves!

“How can you not love DaBeard?”Kevin


“Worth EVERY minute !! Loved meeting you Brett!”Marlene Stevic (‏@Mars_shoes)


Looks like Brett approves of Ryan’s shirt!

“Thanks for coming out to see #SteelerNation today!!”Ryan ‏@ryankaiser25


“Thanks for making our day Brett Keisel! #ClassAct #BeardSelfie #FearDaBeard”Gary Baumgarten Jr

Love seeing Gary bring Scott Spillman’s Fear Da Beard print for Brett to sign! Brett owns the original.


Tyler Rau hangin’ out with 99!


“Terrible picture but Da Beard is a dead giveaway .. Thanks for the autograph Brett! Great to meet you today!”Tony DelSignore Jr (‏@TonyD_12)


“I was your last picture today. I waited to be last so I could talk to you. I really hope you come back this season!”- Brett Johnson

Thank you to all who stopped by to meet Brett! Steeler and Da Beard Nation is Da Best!