Pittsburgh CEOs Rap for Epilepsy | “How We Do It”

Rappin’ for the Epilepsy Foundation

“How We Do It”


Keisel turned rapper…what?? It’s true, Brett, Mr. Rooney and many Pittsburgh CEO’s channeled their inner rapper to raise awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation- Pittsburgh Style!


“Diesel” Keisel – Pittsburgh Steelers

Art “Grandmaster” Rooney – Pittsburgh Steelers

MC “Peggy B” Beem – Epilepsy Foundation

David “DJM” Malone – The KING- Mardi Gras

Sy Holzer – PNC Bank

Carrie “DJ CC” Coghill- Coghill Investment Strategies

John “J Money” Matlak – Dollar Bank

Leo “LG Smooth” Gerard – USW

In addition to a tremendous cast of talented area high school students from City Charter High School!

Thank you to all who appeared in the video, and to the amazing crew behind the scenes:

EF Records

Written by City Charter High School Students and Hip Hop on L.O.C.K.

Produced by Christina French

Directed by Emmai Alaquiva