I hope to help lead these guys


It feels great to be back. I hope to help lead these guys and help turn these guys into accountable pros.Brett, talking to the media during the Eagles game.

On how he feels physically:

I’ve been training. I felt like I was going to play since about March. I hoped it would be here.

On considering the Cardinals:

I got in the flight. I was in Arizona for a couple hours. I’m grateful the Rooney’s believed in me enough to come back.

On his role with the team:

We didn’t get into that much. They just said ‘We want you back’. We figured out a number and it worked out.

And, we’re all glad it worked out too!

Brett took part in pre-game warm-ups and dressed for the game, but was not expected to play.

Coach Tomlin was asked when we can expect to see #99 back on the field:

We hadn’t decided that yet. Brett is a capable NFL lineman. We have been in continual communication with him. Glad to have him back in the fold. We’ll hammer that out as we get him up to speed in terms of game readiness. He is in great shape. We’ll see what the football looks like.

Watching the Sights and Sounds from the game, it is clear that Brett is THRILLED to be BACK IN BLACK!