Hangin’ with Jeremy


Brett met Jeremy when he was visiting the brave children at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC .

Jeremy’s stepmother, Dana Coast was kind enough to email a photo of Jeremy with Brett and she was excited to let us know he has been ONE YEAR CANCER FREE!

I would love to tell you about how awesome Jeremy is!!!

He has a heart of gold and is comedian!! He loves his two little sisters and of course us! But, his main love is his dirt bikes!! He rides a series called AWRCS! It’s American Woods Racing Championship Series. He had graphics made for his bike that says “I ride for kids with Leukemia.”

He just made student of the week at Franklin Area High School, where he is in 11th grade.

His hugs are the best! He is an amazing young man!– Dana Coast

Unfortunately, Jeremy had a small set back last week and had to return to the hospital. He is doing better now though and told Dana: “Don’t worry mamma I will be home soon!”

She is holding him to that promise!

Jeremy also has a message for his buddy Brett:

“I still have the crazy beard you gave me when you came to visit, so if your face gets cold you can borrow it!”

Steeler Nation and Da Beard Nation have a message for Jeremy: Keep on fighting and stay strong! We are thinking and praying for you!

Thank you to the Coast family for their photo and story!