Fishin’ with Da Kids


One of the reasons I love working with children from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is they continue to teach me about life. —Brett

Brett spent the morning with having a great time with four awesome kids from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC at The Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club in Bridgeville.

From WPXI:

CHP patient hooks catch of a lifetime with Steelers star:

He may be big, but Brett Keisel was no match for a fish today. He needed someone strong. And strong he got.

A Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh patient named Marty helped Keisel hook the catch of a lifetime on a fishing trip Thursday.

The two-time Super Bowl champ took several patients on the trip, which gave them a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.


From WPXI…Watch video, as one of those patients helps Keisel reel in a fish and celebrate his catch. It’s sure to leave you smiling.

This is one video you DO NOT want to miss…and we suggest having a tissue, or two, handy!

Line of the day:

Hey, Brett Keisel…I got a BIG hug for you coming!!– Marty Fennell.

Brett had a BIG hug right back for Marty!

From Colin Dunlap, 93.7 The Fan:

If you watch this video of Brett Keisel and don’t cry when the kid gives him a hug/kiss, then you are tougher than I am!

From Randy Baumann, WDVE:

Steeler fans- watch Brett Keisel show you why he’s a great human. Warning: This video will make the room dusty.

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And from Dave Crawley, KDKA:

Far from screaming coaches and roaring crowds, Steelers veteran Brett Keisel savors the silence of the old fishing hole.

It’s also a happy outing for his new-found friends from Children’s Hospital. Aaron, 12, has hooked four fish, so far. It’s all in the wrist.

“I jerked it and hooked it real good, and reeled it in,” Aaron explains.

The bearded Steeler says it’s a learning experience for the kids.

“Sometimes it’s hard to just sit there and watch the line,” he explains. “But it’s all about patience. A lot of these kids, though, especially the ones from Children’s Hospital, they know a lot about patience. Sometimes it takes time for something good to happen. But it’s been a blast to come out and enjoy a beautiful day in nature with them.”