Catching up with Sophie

Brett was a guest speaker at the 47th annual Harry E. Mangle Memorial Dinner on Thursday and was happy to see a familiar face in the audience.

From Mary Sheehan Hartnet:

Most decent, honest, good guy, a true here. He came to visit my ‘little’ girl (Sophie Noonan) 11 years ago at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh after she had her 4th open heart surgery. Tonight they reminisced about their first meeting and how far they both had come since that day.

Brett told Sophie he was so proud of her. She told him his visit meant so much to her and she was proud of him! He told me that visit changed his life. Wow. Incredible. I’m proud of both of them!

He will never know what a positive impact he has on so many people.

Hmmm….whose ring is this?