Autograph Signing event at Diehl Automotive Group


Brett and Da Beard were at Diehl Automotive Group yesterday for an autograph signing event.

Fans were able to bring an item for him to sign, and they were able to see Da Beard just a few days before it is SHEARED.

Duane Smyth brought a Super Bowl XL helmet for Brett to sign. It sounds like #99 was the last signature he needed to complete it:

Thanks for coming out Brett… finally finished my helmet after 8 years!”

Now that is awesome!

Brett was happy to see such a great turnout of fans:

Thanks to DaBeard Nation for coming to Diehl Automotive and saying hi. Good to see you!

And, the fans were happy to meet and visit with #99:

Just got home from a meeting Brett Keisel. One of the nicest players around. I want to thank you for signing my stuff, and signing a pic for my unborn son. He will be a die hard steelers fan.–Jamie Buzard

Brett, thank you so much for taking the time to sign autographs at Diehl. And, thanks to Diehl for holding the signing! You do not hear of free signings among professional sports players, but Brett does it consistently year after year. Hats off to him!”–Leslie Young

When I heard Brett was doing another free signing, I was thrilled. He is a true fan favorite because of all he does on the field and off. His ShearDaBeard helps millions of kids he does not even know, and he makes the event affordable to fans. Most events we cannot attend because they are so expensive, but ShearDaBeard is always affordable and the amount of money he raises is the same as other events that charge $100 and more. Kudos to DaBeard!–Kevin Edgehill

Two words, Brett-YOU ROCK!–Sarah Spencer

Thank you again to all who attended the signing event at Diehl Automotive Group, and a BIG thanks to the folks at Diehl for making the event possible!