Steeler Nation continues to say thanks to 99…

Brett Keisel has proven to every kid from small-town Wyoming that with a strong work ethic, determination, and positive attitude, dreams do come true. ‪#‎WyomingProud — Jannie Hawkey Miller


Even though all good things must come to an end eventually, it sucks to see you go. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the Pittsburgh community and for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. In my eyes that’s the true meaning of an idol. It’s going to be a lot different not seeing you on the line this year. Missed but definitely never forgotten. #99 ‪#‎Fearthebeard — Michael Dietz

For over a decade you have rocked QBs RBs and anyone else unlucky enough to be within 10 yards of you.
You are the epitome of a die hard football player. The fans will miss you so much!! Thanks for 13 years of amazing football. The Beard will never be forgotten! — Jake Harrison


Brett, thank you for all of the memories that you have provided to the Steeler Nation and to my family!  I feel like this is a huge mistake on the part of the Steelers but we all know this is a business.   I hope you will remain with the team in some kind of way.  My son and I watched you coaching Stephen Tuitt last season in Cincinnati after your injury.  I think you could be a great addition to the coaching staff and the younger guys.  You will definitely be missed! – Rich Hoelke, Jr.

Congrats on a great career. We appreciated how you dealt with us in the media — you made our jobs easy. Good luck in Act II! — Jory Rand, ABC7 Eyewitness News

The honor is ours. To been able watch you play for the best team and organization on the planet! – Dexter Barnett


Brett with his buddy Ryan Chepkevich. Brett would stop and say hi with Ryan after games.

Mr. Keisel, thank you for being a class act and a leader in our community. I wish you well and hope the team brings you on as a coach at some point. Hope you stay in touch with fans!Stacey Smolder

Thanks 99, rare combination in the NFL. A man of excellent athletic performance, as well as character. Fair winds and following seas.Will Thoma

To the people who run this website, thank you so much for letting us say good-bye to Brett. He is by far the fan favorite of this decade, and it will be sad to not have him with the team. Reading memories from fellow fans really has been fun!Sarah Spector

Please continue with Shear Da Beard! It is such a fun way to give to those wonderful kids and it’s one event we can actually afford. I hope you continue the tradition. — Janie Rohr


Two of the best to ever wear Black and Gold!– Kevin Coen