Photos, photos… and more photos

Brett attended the BYU game Saturday and his family and BYU fans came out in full force…armed with cameras!

The Fam:


Left: Brett with his dad (Lane), mother (Connie), sister (Kalli) and brother-in-law (Paul)

Right: Brett gettin’ goofy with his sister!


Top Left: Brett’s niece, Kelsi with her dad Stacy and her handsome boys.

Top Right: Brett with his cousin, Ryan Keisel

Middle Right: Brett’s cousins, Luke and Cooper

Bottom Left: Brett’s cousin, Mike Lamont and family

Bottom Middle: Ryan Keisel and family

Bottom Right: Brett’s Uncle Guy and family

View MANY more photos with fans and more HERE.

Thanks to Brett’s family for sharing their great family photos and to all the fans who sent their awesome photos!

We will post video soon!