Brett, once again, attended Heroes at Heinz Field,and was honored to meet 75 military members.

From Teresa Varley, Steelers.com:

“To be around these guys that sacrificed their lives and everything you hold dear, family, friends, where you live.

It’s humbling being around them. It’s great to talk to them, share stores and listen to their stories about war and things people don’t think about.

“I was talking to one and we sent them a flag when we played in the Super Bowl against Green Bay. He told me how much it meant to those guys. I do feel it’s important to try and do the little things to give back because you never know what it’s going to mean to somebody.”

The event brings the veterans together with Steelers players, 17 of whom were on hand, for an evening of fun and football. They take part in drills on the field, receive autographs, have a dinner and just spend time getting to know each other and share stories.

“In the civilian world everyone cheers for the Steelers, veterans included,” said U.S. Army Sgt. Scott Braden from Butler, Pa. “On deployments it’s a representation of where you are from.

Braden said one of the highlights for him was getting a handshake from defensive end Brett Keisel, a regular at the event since the Steelers began it seven years ago.

View some photos of Brett at the event (courtesy of the Steelers) HERE.

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