Fan Friday: Shear Da Beard makes Da Best Memories…

Shear Da Beard is a one-of-a-kind event that brings fans together to raise money for the amazing kids at Children’s Hospital, and oh yeah…to witness a beard shearing (or two this year).

Tom Jordan attended the event four years ago and well, we’ll let him tell the rest:

From his email:

As every year the last 4 years we are looking forward to Shear Da Beard with our very own Brett Keisel. This year is extra special for my fiance and I as we are celebrating not only meeting at this event 4 years ago, but this year in Sept. We are getting married!!

It’s amazing to think such a generous event could bring even more joy into people’s lives than what it was originally intended for. 

While this is hardly a focal point for this event to anyone but ourselves,  I really wanted to share with you and Brett just what this event means to us. 

(Also, my finance is from Wyoming originally and went to UW so we are as real a fans as it gets… hahaha).

Their story:

 A good friend had gotten me a ticket (to Shear Da Beard) to join him as Brett was our favorite Steeler on defense by far. My fiance Sarah and I caught eyes in line outside of Jergels waiting in the blistering cold to get in, like true tailgaters from Steeler Nation! After a few occasional glances and quick head turns to try and avoid the others I’m sure we both had done alone, she finally jumped into a picture being taken of me and a few friends.

My lack of game was totally saved by social medias acceptable reasoning to ask a beautiful woman for her name so that I could ‘tag’ her in the photo. After a couple of days anxiously awaiting a response, she accepted my request and since then we have been inseparable. 

It’s amazing to think that what a sports team represents, the love and fandom that people share, and the generosity of those wanting to give back, can come together and create. For some it saves lives, for others it enriches lives….for us it created a new one, together. 


Thanks to Tom and Sarah for sharing their sweet story. Thanks for the email and for attending Brett’s event to help Da Kids!