Da Beard Nation sends SHOUT outs

Da Beard Nation has been sending messages, tweets and emails to their favorite 99! We regrettably could not post them all, but we’ll get as many as possible posted. THANK YOU!



All I can say is it was a pleasure to meet you in person. You are a very nice guy and when you stopped to meet my boys they were so excited. It was a 23 year dream to watch the Steelers play at Heinz Field and I’m glad I was able to do that for the Saints game. I was able to meet several players that week and it was amazing.You will always be remembered as one of my favorite Steelers. Hope you’re back next year. Get well soon. This was truly a dream come true for me and my boys. — Glenn Ray



No matter what, SteelersNation sends You Love & Prayers. Much LoveSarah, @SteelerGirl

I started following because of the beard.. I keep following because you’re awesome! Thank you for being a role model.– Jessica Kroll, @xjessiikuh 

Thank you for giving Pittsburgh the team the town and the fans every ounce I’ve enjoyed watching and cheering you on. — Casey Griffith, @thecaseyg

Heal well honored enemy. You play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. It is a lesser game without you. — Stone, @rawstone01

Hey BK. Thanks for everything. Keep your head up big man! …..And…. away from the razors!– @keiselsbeard


One of the all time great Pittsburgh Steelers. #99 in your program, #1 in your hearts….Brett….the Diesel…Keisel.Randy Baumann, WDVE

Your legacy is solid with this team. You will go down in history as one of the best defensive lineman in Steeler history and you understand the significance of that statement. I really would love to see you come back as a coach or working the front office. We need more people interacting with the players understand what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler and understands the history of the team and the City the way you do.–Frank Daugherty II

After reading all the comments posted, it’s very clear to see that you are so loved & respected by the Steeler Nation. And rightly so. You have always been an amazing role model & have showed such compassion for causes that are near & dear to you. Take care of yourself & hoping for a speedy recovery. — Kim McKerrow

You’ve been not only a great addition to the defense this year, but also, and maybe even more importantly, a great leader, instructor, example for our young team! Thank you Brett, and get well soon!Desiree Arredondo

Brett, hope you return on the field, but if not, please consider coaching if it’s ever offered. Your leadership inspires others and your enthusiasm for da game is needed these days! — Mike Coburn


 I wish you a speedy recovery. I’ve looked up to you since Iwas really young, playing football. I’ve always been #99 just like you, I want the beard just like you. I want to be the player you are. and better yet I wanna be the man you are. I want to have your heart!— Nick Vernacchio

   Thank you for everything. I don’t believe you can be counted out. You’ve always persevered and I believe you will now. Thank you for being a great role model and leader. — Sawyer Young

Thanks for coming back this season and KICKING BUTT! You were prepared from day one and led this team in so many ways. It was an honor to watch you show them how it is done. You are a leader in every sense of the word and a wonderful man. Your mama raised ya right!Katie Meller

Hope to see you back and better than ever on the field. If that does not happen, then hope you will be kept on as a coach. You’re a natural! – Michael Wilson