Da Beard hits SB XLIX Media Day with the ‘Hairy’ Questions

Thank you to the Seahawks and Patriots for having fun with Head & Shoulders and myself!Da Beard



Top Left: Brett with Seattle Seahawk Tight End, Luke Willson: Fun talking to Brett Keisel about hair, beards, and my boy from back home , Johnny Bananas… love for the Steelers!Luke

Top Right: Brett with New England Patriot QB, Tom Brady: Our Hair Correspondent preparing to talk to Brady about our #FlakeFreeZone.Head & Shoulders

Bottom: Brett interviewing New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski.

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Brett sent a message to Steeler fans from SB 49 Media Day:

To my Pittsburgh Steeler fans…I love ya, it’s been awesome playing for the Steelers. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.

Photo: WPXI
Photo: WPXI


Watch his quick interview with Damany Lewis, WPXI as he discusses what Media Day is like for players and for him as a Head & Shoulders Hair Correspondent HERE.





Quotes and notes:

Seahawks DE Michael Bennett: “What do you feed that beard, man?”

Steelers DE Brett Keisel: “Deer meat.”

Bennett said he wants a great beard like Moses, Genghis Khan, Jesus, & Brett Keisel.

Funny pic of Russell Wilson and I arguing who's more handsome. Ed Werder is laughing at us in background.
Funny pic of Russell Wilson and I arguing who’s more handsome. Ed Werder is laughing at us in background.

Brett Keisel to Seahawk QB, Russell Wilson: “Growing your beard out for the game?”

Russell: “Ya, and I see you got a beard to must be rooting for the Hawks.”

Brett Keisel asking Russell Wilson how he keeps his beard so nice might be the best thing I’ve heard in awhile. — McCabe

My twitter feed is telling that Brett Keisel and his beard are the most interesting things re: Super Bowl. As a BYU fan, this pleases me. — Nate Watson

Keisel and Da Beard were the BEST ones there today. Most entertaining by far! — Steve Lindon

I’m trying to focus on Brady during this interview but I cant take my eyes off Brett Keisel’s beard! — Shane O’

Thank you to Mr. Keisel for taking time to meet and greet with fans. One of the only athletes who went out of his way to spend time with fans the last two days. Class act! — Sharon Neery

Brett Keisel picks the Seahawks and the Media Day crowd erupts in applause. 12’s out in force. — Corey Griffin, NFL writer/editor for NBC Sports.

Healthiest scalp…

Goes to…New England Patriot, Vince Wilfork.


Love how this guy plays the game. Your scalp is healthy too, look at that shine. Must be Head & Shoulders! — Keisel

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