Throwback Thursday with Tyler Skarzenski

donsapplianceThree years ago Brett took a special group of kids from Children’s Hospital Fishing. One of the kids was Tyler Skarzenski.

From Sally Wiggin, WTAE:

It started in the morning at the Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club in Bridgeville. Four patients from Children’s Hospital joined some contest winners from a local appliance store to spend the morning fishing with Steeler defensive end Brett Keisel.

“I grew up with a fishing pole in my hand. I think that is something that has made me who I am today — being outside in the great outside,” Keisel said.

And the children were ecstatic.

“I am fishing here with Brett Keisel and it is very cool. I talked to him for a little bit and I am going to get some autographs,” Tyler Skarzenski said.

Tyler lost his leg in an ATV accident a year ago. He said he will soon be getting a prosthetic, but this day with a famous two-time Super Bowl winner is even better news.

“It helps makes it worth losing a leg,” Tyler said.



Tyler’s mother, Michaeline sent this message to Brett:

Brett, I just wanted you to know how great Tyler is doing. He just turned 17! He and his dad got to do some fishing with you about 2 years ago, this was while he was still in a wheel chair.

He’s up and at-em now. No stopping this kid.

He’s back to doing everything he loves.

Spending time with you was a godsend for him. It truly made a difference. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

You are an amazing player and and even more amazing person. You made a change in all our lives.