They caught the big one…


And then some…

Brett spent last Thursday morning having a great time with four awesome kids from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC at The Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club in Bridgeville.

One of the great fishermen, Aaron, hooked FOUR fish!

And, who can forget adorable Marty Fennell, with the line of the day:

Hey, Brett Keisel…I got a BIG hug for you coming!!

IF you have not watched the video with Brett and Marty, take a moment to HERE, courtesy of WPXI.

Sometimes it’s hard to just sit there and watch the line. But it’s all about patience. A lot of these kids, though, especially the ones from Children’s Hospital, they know a lot about patience. Sometimes it takes time for something good to happen. But it’s been a blast to come out and enjoy a beautiful day in nature with them.Keisel

Well deserved thanks from Brett:

“Thank you to Dons Appliances for sponsoring the event, to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC for sending kids out to enjoy a day in the outdoors, and thank you to Jack Albenze, Alpine Hunting and Fishing Club and Smith’s Hotdogs for providing a fantastic lunch!”

And, a messages of thanks to Brett:

From Marty’s mother, Christine:

I am the proud mom of Marty. I thank you all for such nice comments (regarding all the lovely comments on Brett’s Facebook page).

Even though Marty has autistic tendencies, he’s very vocal, and loves to hug and kiss and make others feel good too. Brett didn’t prevent one hug or kiss on the cheek from happening. (and there were plenty).

He truly is a gentleman with a giant heart. I cannot thank him enough for sharing his afternoon with Marty, the other kids and even with us parents…Mr. Keisel, you are a special man and you will forever have a place in our hearts.

“I simply want to say THANK YOU and your team for allowing our attendance at this event. My grandson and I had a GREAT time and we do not know how we could ever repay. We thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there.
On a personal note, if there is ever a way we can help contribute to the success of a future event–PLEASE let me know how we can be of help. Again—THANKS!!”– George Bower, and his grandson, Sam

Our grandson, Brandon Welsh-King, was one fortunate enough to participate in the wonderful day of fishing with you, Brett. You are a true hero and a role model for so many young people. I have watched the videos several times, and I laugh and cry each time. God bless you.Leslie Welch