Honoring our Veterans

99 looks back on 11/11…



“Coming  from a military background, with my family on both sides in the military, from a very young age we were taught about the sacrifice military men and women make. They are putting their lives at risk. It’s always been important in our family and something I am teaching my kids today. When you see someone in uniform or someone who served you make sure you show them and tell them how much you appreciate them. That’s why we enjoy all of the things we do, because of their sacrifice.” Keisel




From November 2013:

Great scene pregame with Brett Keisel paying tribute to a wounded soldier on sideline prior to game. Soldier had a #99 jersey. – Burt Lauten, Steelers PR:
And, from a fan attending the game today: Nothing like seeing 99 stand next to a disabled vet. Tears. So glad to be at Heinz #VeteransDay weekend.

From November 2009:


  “The salute to the veterans after Keisel’s first sack was first class. In fact, let that salute stand in behalf of all football fans.” – Jim Wexell


Thanks to all the brave men and women who protect this great country. And those who have done it before us. – Brett