Brett checks in with WDVE


#99 in your program….#1 in the BEARD!WDVE

Brett spoke with the Morning Crew at WDVE this morning.

On returning to the Steelers:

Being able to sign back and finish where I started 13 years ago…here with the Black and Gold is a great feeling, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like my family, there’s no place like my football family.

I’m just grateful to the Rooney’s and Coach Tomlin for giving me an opportunity to finish this thing out.

On how he feels physically:

I feel great…I trained hard this offseason.

The DVE crew vouched for this after watching him at practice saying Brett’s energy level is absurb and his teammates had a hard time keeping up.

On what it meant to him seeing Big Ben wearing his jersey to training camp:


That was awesome of him. Ben and I are great friends and we have grown up a lot together, and you know, for him to do that for me…it meant a lot to me.

It was tough not knowing what was gonna happen, and to see him non verbally make a statement for me, meant a lot to me. I really appreciate him doing that. I love that guy.

Brett also talked about how he felt traveling to Arizona to possibly join a new team, what his new role with the Steelers will be and much more.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.