Da Beard in Da House at RMU!

Brett was part of an autograph signing at the Pittsburgh Memorabilia Show at the Charles L. Sewall Center of Robert Morris University this weekend:


He has signed many items for fans throughout his career, but a TICKET may be a first??!! #DaBeardBusted

It was all in good fun, of course!

Thanks Mike (‏@fibber304).

We were also glad to see Brett Berkihiser and his family at the signing. The Berkihiser’s have been loyal Keisel fans, and we can always count on them for great photos!

From Brett Berkihiser:


Emma Berkihiser (top left), Brendan Berkihiser (top right), Jackson and Burke (bottom left) and Brett Berkihiser (bottom right).

From Richard DiBenedetto:


“Awesome seeing you again Keisel! Always one of my favs!”

It’s always great to see fans in their Da Beard Gear!

More photos:


Thank you to all who came out to meet Brett today! #SteelerNation is Da Best!