Interview with Jim Wexell-Transcript

August 27, 2008


Q: Aaron thinks you’re primed for a Pro Bowl season. Do you want that announced?

A: No. Leave it alone. Leave it alone, but we definitely know if we get after the quarterback odds of us winning are very good. You saw what happened at the end of the year when we didn’t get after them and we struggled. The guys on the back end can only cover for so long, and they trust us in three seconds or so to get to him, or at least put pressure on him. We’re veteran up front and we understand the defense Coach LeBeau puts us in. He’s great at putting us in great situations and I think guys are just getting a feel for everything better, especially me up moving around and everything. Guys are just starting to come together. Everyone’s starting to understand it a little more, and it’s making a defense.

Q: I hear you wolfing at guys throught the TV after you tackle them.

A: I have to. I love to play this game, especially when we’re out there being successful. It’s so much fun to be out there with your boys when things are going your way. And I think our defense is so fast that we can do so many things. We’re not only fast in the back end, but we’re fast up front, too. A lot of times on a 3-4 team you might not have that. You have big bruisers up front. But I think if we can live up to our potential this year, we should see some special things.

Q: The two new linebackers are playing well. Do they help free you and Aaron up?

A: Absolutely. And both those guys have so much potential. I mean, Timmons, he’s a freak. He’s so fast. Woodley is so strong and quick for his size, too. Yeah, those guys could help us a lot. Teams can key on one side. They’ll chip and double like offense do. Well, if you’re solid all over the place, and you don’t know who’s coming or who’s going, it opens it all up. I watched the tape last week where we had eight guys in the box and Aaron was the only one down. That’s hard to pick up. If some guy messes up one little thing, you have that opening to make a play. Hopefully we can do that.

Q: But otherwise you want me to leave this optimism alone?

A: Yeah. Leave it alone. I’m excited about this year. I would love for that to happen for me personally, obviously, but not as much as I would love for us to be successful and go to the playoffs and go for a run again. I really believe that this is as fast of a defense as I’ve seen. If we can use that to our advantage, we should be tough to beat.