Steelers Select DL Brett Keisel

September 1, 2003

Conference call with Brett Keisel after being drafted by the Steelers

Steelers Select DL Brett Keisel With Pick 7B-242nd overall

It looks like you are the carbon copy of Aaron Smith? I am just still in shock and glad I can come out to Pittsburgh and hopefully get a spot.

What do you know about the Steelers? I know they are a great team. They are always in the run with it. They have a great coaching staff. I am excited. My buddy from college, Chris Hoke is out there and Kendall Simmons is a guy I trained with this summer in Phoenix and they picked him. I can't wait to get there and get going.

Tell me about your relationship with Chris Hoke. It is great. We joke around all the time together. He taught me a lot of things coming into BYU. We have a great relationship. We are really good friends.

Can you give me any stories on playing with him? We are often times trying to race each other to the quarterback. We always have a good time out there. I played with him and Hans Olsen. I don't know if you heard of Hans Olsen. He is a big time joker. It was just a great time playing with those guys.

Hoke is quite a joker too isn't he? Yeah, Hoke is a big time joker too. Those two were inseparable when they were in college. The Steelers wanted to draft Ryan Denney too. Yeah, he's a heck of a player. He had a lot of success this year and I had a lot of fun playing with him.

Why do you suppose the Steelers are so interested in BYU linemen? I don't know. Maybe it's because of how tough we are, I'm not sure.

What is Greybull, Wyoming like? It's a little town with about 1,400 people. It's really small. I graduated with 41 kids in my class. It's just a little town up in northern Wyoming.

How could you play high school football with that few people? We got enough people to put out there. Sometimes it was sketchy and we would have to recruit guys so that we would have enough people.

How was your team? They were good. My senior year we were 8-2.

How do you feel about playing in a 3-4 defense? I'm excited.

I guess you're going to have to gain some weight. Yeah, that won't be a problem. I can put on the pounds.

Do you know who Aaron Smith is? You bet. What can you tell me about him? He's an unbelievable player. He's somebody that you can try and pattern yourself after. He's a great player and he's made a name for himself. It's going to be fun to get to know him.

Why did you transfer from BYU to Snow College and then back to BYU? Yeah, I had some problems. I got registered for some classes that didn't count towards my major somehow and I wasn't eligible so I transferred to Snow (College) for a semester and played one semester there and then transferred right back to BYU. That was the first time that I played defensive end.

So you were a tight end when you came to BYU right? Yes.