Keisel's Notebook:Best Fan Arrives

February 3, 2006

EDITOR'S NOTE: Steelers defensive end/special teams demon Brett Keisel is compiling a diary for the Tribune-Review during Super Bowl week. He shares his thoughts daily with the Trib's Mike Prisuta:


"My wife Sarah's coming in tonight, and I'm really excited to see her. She wanted to come out Monday, but she's a working woman, and she had a few things she had to take care of. I'm really excited to have her out here.

"I'll get to see her tonight, and then after practice is over, we can hang out tomorrow night. On Saturday, we leave for a different hotel, but that's OK. As soon as this is over, I'll get to hang out with her a lot.

"We got married on July 10, 2004, but I've known her since the fourth grade. We dated in high school my senior year, and then, did the long-distance thing for a while when both of us were in college. I went to BYU, and she went to Mesa State (in Grand Junction, Colo.), and just finished graduate school at Colorado University in Denver. "She's my biggest fan, but she's straight up with me on stuff, she keeps me on my toes.

"Practice went really well today. I think this was our best practice of the playoffs. It's big for us to have a good practice because any time we have good practices, we seem to play well. (ABC TV's) John Madden and Al Michaels were there taking notes. We knew we all had to be on top of our game if they were there.

"(Defensive end) Kimo (von Oelhoffen) and I were talking afterward and saying it's kind of crazy that this is our last Thursday practice of the year, and we know it's the last one. We both said hopefully it's not the last one for good, but who knows what'll happen? Let's just win this.

"Coach (Bill) Cowher is getting us ready. Before practice we had a meeting and he said, 'Now is the time to start putting your thoughts on this game, to get your mind right. Now, let's go out and have a great practice and keep doing what we're doing.'

"There are fans all over our hotel, standing out in the cold and trying to get autographs. Over at the Silverdome, where we practice, it's pretty much locked down. I even heard there were some snipers, S.W.A.T guys running around who knows where. Security is pretty tight.

"Sarah and I are going to have a nice dinner tonight, and then, I'm sure we'll end up doing a little snugglin', you know? At least I hope so."