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2014 Fan Photos351 views"Took the towel on our honeymoon in riviera maya mexico. Steelers nation is strong have a great season." Jim McMillenSep 04, 2014
2014 Fan Photos338 views"Just met the Diesel. Such a cool guy. Took time out his busy day with his kids to take a picture with a beard wanna be!!!. Also gave Olivia high fives. Just awesome."- Jeffrey FrickeSep 04, 2014
2014 Fan Photos377 viewsDora Elizabeth sent this from Regios de Acero...Monterrey México.Sep 04, 2014
2014 Fan Photos413 viewsFrom Bethany Karwowski: "Steelers fan all the way from Texas!!! He's ready to go with his uncles to the Steelers and Buccaneers game!"Sep 04, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers-Preseason376 views#99 is back!

From Ron Cook, PPG: Keisel started at defensive end and played the first three series. His best play came when he hit Anderson as he threw, forcing an incompletion. The crowd loved that. Keisel is a fan favorite, one of the team's most popular players since the Super '70s days.

Photo: Peter Diana, PPG
Aug 29, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers-Preseason371 views"Mr. Keisel, I wanted to say THANK YOU for making our trip to the game tonight extra awesome. As you were leaving the field at the end of the second quarter, I was in a group of fans cheering you guys on. You came to the steps, looked up, and tossed your gloves at me. I caught them! It was by far the coolest thing and totally made our night!! Best of luck in the regular season... We'll be there cheering for you!"-Gretchen Hurley DudaAug 29, 2014
August 28- Panthers- Preseason392 viewsBrett talks to the media following the Panthers game.

"I love this team, I love everything that comes with being a Steeler."
Aug 29, 2014
August 28- Panthers- Preseason373 views"Thanks, brother, you made his day!" - Kevin TintaAug 29, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers- preseason390 viewsDa Beard is back! Brett gets to Panthers QB Derek Anderson-tipping the ball. Aug 29, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers- preseason460 viewsBrett shows he can "swim in the deep end"!Aug 29, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers- preseason395 viewsAug 29, 2014
August 28, 2014- Panthers- preseason380 viewsThe crowd went wild as #99 took the field for his first game back since being re-signed by the Steelers. Aug 29, 2014
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