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Sara Elaine & Jen Ide587 views"We got our gear!
Thanks to Sara and Jen-lookin' good!
Oct 19, 2014
Matt Clarkson514 views"Da beard gear is not just for human consumption!- Matt Clarkson

Very true Matt. Your dog looks proud to wear his Da Beard Gear hat. Thanks Matt!
Oct 19, 2014
Laura443 views"I got my shirt today! I absolutely love the bright, vivid pink color!

Thank you Laura! We agree-the shirts turned out great. Thank you for supporting breast cancer awareness.
Oct 19, 2014
Lacie Dobbs556 views"Got mine in the mail today!! Representing all the way from Western Nebraska! "DA BEARD!!"

Great shirt and koozies. Thanks Lacie!
Oct 19, 2014
Jude Barela554 views"Steelers think PINK in New Mexico!!!

New Mexico always supports! Thank you Jude.
Oct 19, 2014
Cam Heward431 views"I got bearded by Da Beard"
Thanks for the support 97!
Oct 19, 2014
Jeff Hollamby- The Goat507 views"Hey Beard, My Da Beard for Da Boo Bees shirt arrived today! I love it!!!

Thanks Goat! Jeff actually has ALL of Brett's Da Beard Gear -shirts!
Oct 19, 2014
Chris Malone481 views"Brett ALWAYS GIVING BACK!!!"

Proceeds from Brett's new "Da Beard for Da Boo-bees" tees go to A Glimmer of Hope to help breast cancer research.
Oct 19, 2014
John Charles Lamson516 views"I know it's not game time till tomorrow night, but figured I'd rock out da beard gear while out with the family.

It's always a good idea to "rock out" with Da Beard Gear!
Oct 19, 2014
October 17, 2014- Make A Wish- Hector Castillo 390 viewsBrett signs his new friend, Hector's #99 jersey. Hector visited the Steelers on a Make A Wish visit.
Photo: Steelers
Oct 17, 2014
October 17, 2014- Make A Wish- Hector Castillo 404 viewsPractice had ended just a few minutes earlier, and 16-year old Hector Castillo stood on the field in amazement, watching as Steelers’ players came over to him, shaking his hand, signing autographs and taking pictures.

And then the moment he wished for happened, the moment that you can’t even begin to explain how happy he was, how much joy it brought, without seeing it. Brett Keisel, the burly defensive end, walked over to Castillo and just hugged him. Saying it was special, that doesn’t come close to giving the moment justice.
Oct 17, 2014
October 17, 2014- Make A Wish- Hector Castillo 410 viewsBrett took Hector on a tour of the locker room, signing a few items along the way.

Photo: Steelers
Oct 17, 2014
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