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Last additions - Women's 202
October 10, 2014- Women's 202 event349 viewsSteeler Nation showed up big for the annual Women's 202 event. It is hosted by Magee-Women's Hospital Oct 11, 2014
October 10, 2014- Women's 202 event354 viewsThe ladies of Steeler Nation went WILD when Brett arrived to chat with them. Brett was blown away by their greeting.
"Let me tell you, that just feels outstanding. We as Steelers, we love you ladies, man."
Oct 11, 2014
October 10, 2014- Women's 202 event354 viewsBrett speaking the Da Women of Steeler Nation. They learn the x's and o's of the game and then are able to show off their skills on the practice facility field.Oct 11, 2014
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