Brett Keisel Photo Gallery

October 2014- Bid for Hope288 viewsShaking hands with his friend and teammate. The Miller's host Bid for Hope each year to raise money for breast cancer research.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope291 viewsBrett makes his way through the crowd to take the stage.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2104- Bid for Hope325 viewsBrett with his wife, Sarah, Diana Napper and Bob Pompeani at Bid for Hope which benefits breast cancer research.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope292 viewsBrett and Heath take the stage as attendees cheer.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope292 viewsBrett and his lovely wife, Sarah are awarded with the Bid for Hope award. The Keisel's presented a check for $5000 to Diana Napper, founder of Glimmer of Hope.
Brett and his Da Beard Gear crew raised money through the sale of t-shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness.

"Thank you everyone who purchased Da Beard Gear pink line. Because of you, I can hand a check for 5K to A Glimmer of Hope tonight. You rock! "- Keisel

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope323 viewsHeath and Katie Miller hosted their annual Bid for Hope event to benefit A Glimmer of Hope Foundation , raising money for breast cancer research. The event was held at Off The Hook, in Warrendale, PA.
Heath, Brett, and his wife, Sarah were honored to receive the Bid for Hope Award for their contributions.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope308 viewsHeath and Brett talking with Diana Napper, Founder of Glimmer of Hope.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope305 viewsBrett and his Da Beard Crew once again created a Da Beard Gear Pink Line, with proceeds going to A Glimmer of Hope. Da Beard Nation showed their support in a BIG way by presenting a check for $5000!
"“It was a fun idea my business partner came up with because he knows it’s an important event for me. My wife, Sarah, lost someone close to her from breast cancer. It’s always been important for us. It’s a fun way we thought of to raise money and help out".– Keisel
Photo: Gary Yon Photography
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