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February 11, 2016- shear Da Beard Part 6114 viewsFrom Randy Baumann:

Neil Walker and new American Sean Suisham taking their turn!
October 1, 2015- Courtyard Marriott Suite SB 50 Contest117 viewsScare of a lifetime:
Thank you Brett for scaring my husband tonight by grabbing him from behind and then signing his jersey. This jersey will offically be framed when he gets home from the game!!
He has always been a fan of yours and meeting you was priceless for him!! Jolene Wormley Wolf
February 4, 2015- Shear Da Beard278 viewsRandy Baumann, WDVE grabs a shot while Da Beard is still around.
November 12, 2016- Robinson Mall Signing with Total Sports Enterprises55 views"My dad got to meet Brett Keisel today. Here they are comparing beards. This picture is priceless!!
Thank you for making his day, Brett.
#SteelerNation #thebeard #brettkeisel #beardvsbeard." - Dorie Duesenberry
February 4, 2015- Shear Da Beard V312 viewsBrett's wife, Sarah and his adorable kids help out with the shearing.
February 7, 2015- Garth Brooks Pro Camp- Photos by Fred Vero Photography263 views"I got eyes on you...."

Photo credit: Fred Vero Photography
October 2014- Bid for Hope131 viewsHeath and Katie Miller hosted their annual Bid for Hope event to benefit A Glimmer of Hope Foundation , raising money for breast cancer research. The event was held at Off The Hook, in Warrendale, PA.
Heath, Brett, and his wife, Sarah were honored to receive the Bid for Hope Award for their contributions.

Photo: Gary Yon Photography
February 4, 2015- Shear Da Beard V296 viewsBrett and James together again! Harrison was one of the auctioneers.

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Shear Da Beard 201856 viewsEvery year the fan favorite photo is the BEFORE and AFTER.
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201842 viewsBourque isn't sure about this yet....Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201840 viewsPre Shearing!

Photo: Steelers
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201847 viewsBrett's family takes the stage to shear dad's beard.

Photo: Steelers
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201844 viewsSo smooth!

Photo: Steelers
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201839 viewsThe dual shearing is complete! Brett and Bourque reveal their freshly shaven faces.

Photo: Steelers
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201844 viewsLookin' smooth Keisel!

Photo: Steelers
Feb 17, 2018
Shear Da Beard 201842 viewsArthur Moats jumps on stage to get his turn with the scissors.Feb 17, 2018